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Women in public and private sector

Italy - Basilicata Region

Women in public and private sector

Increase the presence of women within local public and private organizations both in terms of rate and in terms of position in the organigram by involving all territorial stakeholders (institutions, social organizations, private sector, etc.).

Involvement of the Employment Services (SpI) to enable the monitoring of the levels of female employment;
involvement of a regional and provincial Equality Consellors and the Commission for Equal Opportunities in order to better balance the presence of women within organizations and to activate proper policies career;
information on business creation and on new policies regulations (parental leave, maternity protection, etc.) aiming at reconciling working time and professional of women.

Establishment of a budget system of expertise in the agricultural and food production, environmental, craftsmanship and tourism sectors;
implementation of an at a distance training system for the development of professional and managerial skills.
The target group of the action was basicly composed of women in agricolture.

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