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Administrative clauses in tender documents

Spain - Municipality of Valladolid

Administrative clauses in tender documents

The initiative was focused on Municipal service providers.
It concerned the inclusion, in calls from tenders issued by the Municipality, of administrative clauses and valuation relating to the promotion of equal opportunities in the labor market or presenting a specific Equality Plan, awarding companies whose proposals comply with these guidelines.
It is intended to promote equal condition by hiring companies that are sensitive to public equality policies. For that reason a clause and a endpoint have been introduced in the tender documents, saying that without violating equality, companies that are carrying on their business management measures for equal opportunities between women and men will be advantaged.
This is a clear strategy and commitment of the City from public equality policies, which will contribute to increased awareness and projecting them in the field of private enterprise.
The objective of the measure were:
- promoting equal opportunities in private enterprise;
- granting those who in their business undertaken measures to strengthen it.

Companies interested in providing services, carry out works or provide goods to the Municipality were tha target group of this action.

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