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Aggiornamento: 14 set 2023

"Toward a full participation of women in public life of local governments" is the topic of the first Euro-Med Charter Focus Time, a series of events aiming at going deep into each article of the Charter. The I Focus Time took place in Sicily during "Muliebris", the women's rights festival.

Last 24th of August, the I Euromed Charter Focus Time inaugurated the III edition of Muliebris, a women's rights festival that each year raises awareness on the need for gender justice among the citizens of Capaci, in the neighborhood of Palermo (Italy).

The Focus Time has been promoted by COPPEM together with important partners such as the Region of Sicily, The Municipality of Capaci and its Council of Women, Sicilian section of CEMR and Fidapa Sicily.

The discussion highlihted the need to adapt the timing of politics to the rhythms of women lives and to create political schools for women or spaces for female participation in public life.

Several local mayors participated to the event as speakers: local representatives from Capaci, Carini, Alcamo, Bagheria, Castellammare and Trappeto took part to the initiative.

The mayors and institutional representatives of the municipalities met the citizens and publicly answered questions from the audience.

Among the main topics emerged, the discussion highlighted the need to adapt the timing of politics to the rhythms of women lives - different from those of men due to the gender roles still in force. It also stressed the importance of creating political schools for women or spaces dedicated to reflection and female participation in public life, such as the creation of a Council of women in each municipality.

Last but not least, the meeting was an opportunity for the mayors to publicly join the Euro-Mediterranean Charter and its mission: the achievement of objective no. 5 of the 2030 agenda, the gender justice for all.


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